1994/01/31 Caterpillar

Transmission Control Valve Changes On Backhoe Loaders {3150,3152}


416B (8SG, 8ZK),
426B (5YJ),
436B (6MJ),
428B (7EJ),
438B (3KK) Backhoe Loaders

SUPPLEMENT: 04/18/94

Service Magazine; January 31, 1994; Page 10; "Transmission Control Valve Changes On Backhoe Loaders".

Illustration 2 and the Parts Service Chart on Page 11 need to be changed to add Item 31, 7T-2676 Spring.

Illustration 2.

In the paragraph "Adaptable To:", the priduct identification number ranges are incorrect. The paragraph should read as follows:

Adaptable To: The new 1096401 and 1096402 Valve Groups replace the former 9U9496 Control Valve Group. The new group is effective with 416B (8SG1928-Up, 8ZK1-Up), 426B (5 YJ477-Up), 436B (6MJ306-Up), 428B (7EJ834-Up), 438B (3KK562-Up) Backhoe Loaders.

--------------- END SUPPLEMENT ---------------

Description of Change: New integrated control valve is now used on the B-Series Backhoe Loaders. This valve combines the 9W7904 Adapter and 9U9496 Valve Group into one piece. The new valve group part number for 2WD is 1096401; for 4WD is 1096402. The internal parts are different. The valve groups are a direct replacement for the former 9U9496 Control Valve Group. Refer to Illustrations 1-4 for details of the 1096401 and 1096402 Valve-Control Groups serviceable parts.

Illustration 1.

Illustration 2.

Illustration 3.

Illustration 4.

NOTE: When using the new 1096401 and 1096402 Valve Groups. A new 1069860 Mounting Gasket will be required when reassembling the valve to the machine.

Adaptable To: The new 1096401 and 1096402 Valve Groups replaces the former 9U9496 Control Valve Group. The new group is effetive with 416B (8SG1-Up, 8ZK1-Up), 426B (5YJ1-Up), 436B (6MJ1-Up), 428B (7EJ1-Up), 438B (3KK1-Up) Backhoe Loaders.

Caterpillar Information System:

1994/01/31 High Torque Steering Motor Available {4136}
1994/01/31 High Torque Steering Motor Available {4136}
1994/01/24 Brake Assembly In Drum Drive Motors Has More Discs And Plates {4267}
1994/01/24 New Discs (Thrust Washers), Planet Gears and Spacers Used In Interaxle Differential Group To Improve Service Life {3287,3250}
1994/01/24 Tail Gate Lines Group Changed To Prevent Hose Contact With Back-up Lamps And Body Hinge Pin {5057,5050}
1994/01/24 Longer Adapter Used To Prevent Hose Chafing In The Steering Lines Group {4304,4300}
1994/01/24 Higher Output Alternator Used {1405,1406,1400}
1994/01/24 Removing And Installing Front Suspension Cylinders {7201,7200}
1994/01/24 O-Ring Seal Added To Heater Lines Group {1380}
1994/01/24 Adjusting Front Wheel Bearings If The Spindles Are Too Long {4205,4201}
1994/01/24 Heavy Duty Direction Signal Flasher Is Now Used {1430}
1994/01/24 New Flow Control Knobs Available To Improve Disassembly {5137}
1994/01/31 B Series Backhoe Loader May Experience Brake Chatter {3278}
1994/01/31 New Service And Parking Brake Group Is Available {4250,4267}
1994/01/31 New Flywheel Eliminates Hydraulic Force On Crankshaft {1156}
1994/01/31 New Transmission Shift Solenoid Valve Resists Cracking {3174}
1994/01/31 New Torque For Transmission To Differential And Differential To Rear Housing Bolts {3250,3258}
1994/01/31 New Longer Fan Adapter Used On Replacement Engine {1359,1356}
1994/01/31 New Transmission Cooler Group Used {1375}
1994/01/31 Air Conditioners Use R134a Refrigerant {7300}
1994/01/31 Automatic Shut-Off Systems Not Recommended on Mobile Earthmoving Equipment {7418,7403}
1994/02/07 Screened Fitting for Implement Motor Case Drain Return Line Available{5720,4351,4921}
1994/02/07 New Hose Clamps Provide Improved Clamping{1058}
1994/02/07 Lock Valve Group With A Relief For Right Blade Lift Cylinder Is Available On Motor Graders{5102,5100}
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