1980/03/31 Caterpillar

Modification Of 5P1768 Pointer Assembly Necessary For Use On Some Fuel Injection Pump Housings{1253,0653}


Fuel Injection Pump Housings For 3408 And 3412 Engines

The hole in the fuel injection pump housings for 3408 and 3412 Engines, which is used to hold the off-engine timing dimension pointer, has been moved.

The 7.14 mm (.281") diameter hole in the 5P1768 Pointer Assembly has been increased in diameter and moved to permit use on the earlier and current fuel injection pump housings.

For 5P1768 Pointer Assemblies currently in the field, drill the 7.14 mm (.281") diameter hole (see the illustration) with either an 8.5 mm drill or a 21/64 (.328") drill. This modification will permit use of the 5P1768 Pointer Assembly for off-engine timing dimension checks on both early and current fuel injection pump housings for 3408 and 3412 Engines.

Location of hole which must be made larger.

Caterpillar Information System:

1980/03/31 Use Correct Cord Assembly With Jacket Water Heaters{1383}
1980/03/31 Caution: Outboard Bearing Must Be Removed From Extended Shaft Of Front Power Takeoff Before The Engine Is Moved{3055}
1980/03/31 Remanufactured Short Blocks Are Available For Repairs Of Early 3406 Engines{1201,1101,1102}
1980/03/31 Replacement Pinion And Output Gear Available For Service Of Torque Multiplier{0614}
1980/03/31 6V2023 Flow Check Adapter Group Is Available{0651,0654}
1980/03/31 Use The 6V200 Hydraulic Wrench To Get Correct Torque Applications On Fasteners In Difficult Access Areas{0612,0623}
1980/03/24 Different Vibration Damper Now Used{1205}
1980/03/24 New Control Valve Body{1155,1159}
1980/03/24 New Plugs And Rubber Stoppers For Machines With Sealed And Lubricated Track{4169,4170,4175,0622}
1980/03/24 An Increase In Engine RPM Will Extend Vanes In Hydraulic Oil Pump To Start Pump Output{5055,5068}
1980/03/24 New Fuel Injection Lines And Clamps Prevent Stresses And Contact Which Can Cause Leakage{1252}
1980/03/24 Visual Inspection Of Main And Connecting Rod Bearings{1203,1219,1230}
1980/03/31 New Liner Seat Insert For No. 1 And No. 4 Cylinders Of D353 Engines{1217}
1980/04/14 Repair Parts Now Available For 5S2801 Hose Press Group{0624}
1980/04/14 Important: Use Only 12 Volts Direct Current To Boost Start 3208 Truck Engines Equipped With Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems{1401,1453,1080}
1980/04/14 Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill Coolant{1350}
1980/04/14 Wrong Installation Of Oil Cooler Gasket Can Cause High Oil Temperatures{1378,1306}
1980/04/14 6V2040 Ratchet Adapter Available For Use With Torque Multipliers On Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Stands{0614,0622}
1980/04/21 Main And Connecting Rod Bearings With Cavitation Erosion Can Be Used Again{1230,1203,1219}
1980/04/21 New Filter Elements Are Available For "Fire Resistant Fluid" Hydraulic Systems{5068}
1980/04/21 Crankcase Capacity Increased And New Oil Level Gauges Used; Specifications For Conversion Of Existing Gauges{1318,1302}
1980/04/28 New 1N3270 Auxiliary Drive Group Available As Attachment{1165}
1980/04/28 Boring Machine, Adapter Groups And Sleeves Available For Repair Of Damaged Cylinder Blocks{0622,1201,1216}
1980/04/28 Use 6V3044 Polishing Belt For Crankshaft Reconditioning{0622,1202}
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