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Visual Inspection Of Main And Connecting Rod Bearings{1203,1219,1230}


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Caterpillar uses many inspection procedures to make sure the main and connecting rod bearings installed in production engines and available for parts service are bearings of the highest quality. But, it is still possible for you to get damaged bearings. Bearings can be damaged during shipment and storage. It is also possible for bearings to be damaged when they are made and not found during inspection.

Because of this possibility, visually inspect each bearing before installation in an engine.

The list that follows can help during this inspection:

1. Burrs or nicks that cause raised material (material above the normal surface) on the bearing surface, bearing back, chamfer or mating face of the bearing are not acceptable. Do not use these bearings.
2. If there is separation of the lead-tin overlay or aluminum layers from the steel back, do not use the bearing.
3. Some bearings may have large concentrations of small bumps or blisters on the bearing surface. These blisters cause the bearing surface to feel rough. An easy test can be done to find if a bearing with blisters can be used. Rub (slide) a piece of regular writing paper easily over the bearing surface. If the bearing surface is made smooth, the bearing can be used even if the blisters may still be visible. If the bearing is still rough, do not use it.

NOTE: Do not rub the bearing surface with a file, emery cloth, sandpaper, scotch-brite belt or any material other than regular writing paper.

4. Bearings that have stains that can not be felt are acceptable.
5. Bearings may have different shades (color concentration) of gray. This is because different corrosion preventives are used on the bearing. The color differences do not indicate a defect and have no effect on bearing performance.
6. Bearing halves that are in the same box are not a "matched set" until they have been run in an engine.

Bearings that are not acceptable must not be used. Any bearing not acceptable can be returned to the factory.

Caterpillar Information System:

1980/03/24 Different Water Temperature Regulators Now Used To Prevent Overheating{1355}
1980/03/24 8S2252 Carbon Seal Tool Can Be Adapted For Use On 8N7001 Fuel Nozzle Assembly{0611,1254}
1980/03/24 New Top Piston Ring Has Plasma-Coated Face{1215}
1980/03/24 Crankshaft Rear Seal And Wear Sleeve Are Now Serviced As A Group Instead Of Separate Parts{1161}
1980/03/24 Inspect Regulator Cover Assembly When Overcooling Is A Problem{1350,1380}
1980/03/03 Fuel Heaters Are Now Available For Field Installation{1296}
1980/03/03 Connecting Rod Changes And Replacement Information{1218}
1980/03/03 Spacer Plate Block Group Used For Parts Service Of Block Group With Counterbore Design{1101,1201}
1980/02/25 Identification Of Fuel Injection Lines And Nozzle Bodies For Different Combustion Systems{1252,1254}
1980/02/25 Drawings Available For Six Tools Used During Repairs Of Damaged Pin Bores In Two-Piece Booms{6501,0665}
1980/02/25 Plunger Movement Must Be Adjusted When New Rack Shut-Off Solenoid Is Installed{1259}
1980/02/25 Stronger Braces Used Between Air Cleaner And Engine{1051}
1980/03/24 New Fuel Injection Lines And Clamps Prevent Stresses And Contact Which Can Cause Leakage{1252}
1980/03/24 An Increase In Engine RPM Will Extend Vanes In Hydraulic Oil Pump To Start Pump Output{5055,5068}
1980/03/24 New Plugs And Rubber Stoppers For Machines With Sealed And Lubricated Track{4169,4170,4175,0622}
1980/03/24 New Control Valve Body{1155,1159}
1980/03/24 Different Vibration Damper Now Used{1205}
1980/03/31 Use The 6V200 Hydraulic Wrench To Get Correct Torque Applications On Fasteners In Difficult Access Areas{0612,0623}
1980/03/31 6V2023 Flow Check Adapter Group Is Available{0651,0654}
1980/03/31 Replacement Pinion And Output Gear Available For Service Of Torque Multiplier{0614}
1980/03/31 Remanufactured Short Blocks Are Available For Repairs Of Early 3406 Engines{1201,1101,1102}
1980/03/31 Caution: Outboard Bearing Must Be Removed From Extended Shaft Of Front Power Takeoff Before The Engine Is Moved{3055}
1980/03/31 Use Correct Cord Assembly With Jacket Water Heaters{1383}
1980/03/31 Modification Of 5P1768 Pointer Assembly Necessary For Use On Some Fuel Injection Pump Housings{1253,0653}
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