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Real Value Available Through Caterpillar Remanufacturing Programs{0374}


With each purchase of Caterpillar equipment, the user also gets Caterpillar's Product Support System-a system that adds to the value of all Caterpillar equipment. The high quality of the Caterpillar Product Support System, along with the high quality of the product, is what makes the difference between Caterpillar equipment and other equipment.

The Caterpillar dealer service man is a very important part of that Product Support System. Each time a Caterpillar service man works on a piece of equipment, he makes selections of repair options that add to the value of that equipment in the hands of the user. That is what makes the difference between Caterpillar dealer service departments and other service shops.

One of the important selections that a service man makes is to use components again or to make an exchange for a new component or a component from the Remanufacturing Program.

The Caterpillar Remanufacturing Program is one of the product support services available through dealer service departments to give Caterpillar users added value. The program gives value to Caterpillar users in 3 important ways:

1) The products are of high quality.
2) The cost of remanufactured components is less than the cost of new components.
3) Use of the program allows the customer to get back to work fast.

The reconditioning of engines, short blocks and other components is done at the Caterpillar Remanufacturing Facility in Bettendorf, Iowa, U.S.A. The facility uses the latest reconditioning and assembly methods. It also uses the latest procedures to control the quality of the products remanufactured by Caterpillar.

The Remanufacturing Program is possible because used products are exchanged for replacement products remanufactured by Caterpillar. Remanufactured products can be purchased only when an acceptable core is available for the exchange. All products remanufactured by Caterpillar give high quality and low cost repair options when acceptable cores are available for exchange. Because many service options are available, dealer personnel and users must carefully inspect all options-from an in-frame overhaul, a completely rebuilt engine, a remanufactured component or short block, to a completely remanufactured engine. The products that follow are available through Remanufacturing Programs.


Engine arrangements currently remanufactured by Caterpillar fill most user needs for the 1100 and 3100 Series Engines and the 3208 and 3406 Engine models. A Special Instruction/Conversion Guide is sent with each remanufactured engine so that necessary changes can be made to adapt the engine to different application needs. Prices are approximately 63 percent of the cost of a new engine (about 50 percent for the 3406 Engine). Each remanufactured engine is checked with a dynamometer to be sure it operates at the same specifications as a new engine. All remanufactured engines have a Caterpillar Warranty.

Short Blocks

At times, because of the conditions of the overhaul, a remanufactured engine is not the best repair option. If the cost of downtime is not as high as the cost of an overhaul, a remanufactured short block can be a better repair option. Remanufactured short blocks are made of the factory-assembled components that follow: cylinder block group, cylinder block cover group, crankshaft group (includes gear and bearings), connecting rod and piston group, liners (3406 Engines only), and camshaft bearings.

Water Pumps

Remanufactured water pumps are available for the 1100 and 3100 Series Engines in addition to the 3208 and 3406 Engines. These remanufactured components have complete bearing shaft and seal replacement and the same warranty as new parts.

Connecting Rods

Remanufactured connecting rods are available for 1100 and 3100 Series Engines and the 3208 and 3406 Engines. Each connecting rod has a new piston pin bearing. Connecting rods remanufactured by Caterpillar have the same warranty as new Caterpillar connecting rods.

Fuel Pumps and Governor Groups

Remanufactured fuel pump and governor groups are available for 3208 Engines. Caterpillar completely assembles and checks each fuel pump and governor group after reconditioning. These remanufactured fuel pumps and governor groups have the same warranty as new units.


Caterpillar has two different crankshaft remanufacturing programs that fill most engine model needs. The crankshaft programs are as follows:

1. Undersized crankshafts-no core necessary for exchange.
2. Remanufactured exchange crankshafts-acceptable core necessary for exchange.

Except for the crankshafts for 3208 Engines, all crankshafts have a kit for repairs which has the correct main and rod undersize inside diameter bearings with standard outside diameter bearings. When undersize inside diameter--oversize outside diameter bearings are necessary, the bearings must be ordered separately. All remanufactured crankshafts have the same warranty as new crankshafts.

Turbocharger Cartridges

Turbocharger cartridges remanufactured by Caterpillar are available. The cartridges have all the primary components of the center housing in addition to new bearings and seals. Remanufactured turbocharger cartridges have the Caterpillar Warranty for Parts and Exchange Components.

Duo-Cone Seals

The Remanufacturing Program has relapped Duo-Cone Seals for track rollers, carrier rollers and final drives for most track-type tractors and track-type loaders. These seals are relapped to the same specifications as new seals and have the same warranty as new parts.

Transmission Clutch Plates

Clutch plates remanufactured by Caterpillar are also available for use in rebuilt power shift transmissions. The use of these clutch plates can make a large reduction in the cost of a power shift transmission that is rebuilt. Remanufactured clutch plates are available for most power shift transmissions and have the same warranty as new clutch plates.

More information about Caterpillar's Remanufacturing Programs and a list of the areas in which they are available are given in the correct Technical Partsgram. COSA dealers should check the COSA Remanufactured Products Guidebook only.

Caterpillar Information System:

1980/02/04 Change To Gear On Accessory Drive Shaft Assembly Gives Longer Service Life{1207,1206}
1980/02/04 New Cylinder Liner Has Improved Design To Keep Liner Temperatures Lower{1216}
1980/01/28 Oil Drain Hole Added To Spacer Plate Cylinder Block To Permit Use Of Scroll Fuel System{1201,1221}
1980/01/28 New Attachment Air Compressor Group and Lines Groups Have Improved Design{1065}
1980/01/28 Installation Procedures For 5N5880 Remote Shut-Off Group And 5N6336 Oil Pressure Indicator Gauge Group{7418,7403,7455}
1980/01/28 New 6V199 Socket For Use On Fasteners In Areas With Limited Clearance{0612}
1980/01/21 New Fuel Injection Nozzle Assembly Used{1254}
1980/01/21 Extended Shafts Now Available For Front Power Takeoff Units{3055}
1980/01/21 Cooling System Improvements Prevent Expansion Tank Leakage{1354,1380,1153}
1980/01/21 New Piston Groups Have The Piston Pin Bore Off-Center, Away From The Thrust Side Of The Piston{1214}
1980/01/21 A Spring With A Lower Rate Is Now Used In The Fuel Filter Group To Give Less Fuel Pressure{1261}
1980/01/14 New Raw Water Engine Oil Cooler Is Used{1378}
1980/02/11 Warning: Avoid Use Of Fuel Mixtures Of High Volatility. If You Are Exposed To Such Mixtures, Be Aware Of The Hazards Involved And Take Proper Precautions{1280}
1980/02/11 Use The Correct Water Temperature Contactor{1350,1100}
1980/02/25 How To Check Operation Of Hydramechanical Shutoffs On D379B, D398B, D399 Engines{7418}
1980/02/25 Revision Of Special Instruction Form No. SMHS7267, "Use Of 5P8709 Tool Group For Alignment Of Piston Cooling Jets" Has Important Changes{1307}
1980/02/25 Stronger Braces Used Between Air Cleaner And Engine{1051}
1980/02/25 Plunger Movement Must Be Adjusted When New Rack Shut-Off Solenoid Is Installed{1259}
1980/02/25 Drawings Available For Six Tools Used During Repairs Of Damaged Pin Bores In Two-Piece Booms{6501,0665}
1980/02/25 Identification Of Fuel Injection Lines And Nozzle Bodies For Different Combustion Systems{1252,1254}
1980/03/03 Spacer Plate Block Group Used For Parts Service Of Block Group With Counterbore Design{1101,1201}
1980/03/03 Connecting Rod Changes And Replacement Information{1218}
1980/03/03 Fuel Heaters Are Now Available For Field Installation{1296}
1980/03/24 Inspect Regulator Cover Assembly When Overcooling Is A Problem{1350,1380}
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