464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly{0374, 0599, 0629, 0632, 0700, 0708, 1353} Caterpillar

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Instructions for Use of Cat<SUP>&reg;</SUP> Coolant Conditioner for Modular Core Aluminum Radiators {1350, 1350, 1352, 1353, 1395} Instructions for Use of Cat® Coolant Conditioner for Modular Core Aluminum Radiators {1350, 1350, 1352, 1353, 1395}

464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly{0374, 0599, 0629, 0632, 0700, 0708, 1353} 464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly{0374, 0599, 0629, 0632, 0700, 0708, 1353}

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Important Safety Information

Illustration 1g02139237

Think Safety

Most accidents that involve product operation, maintenance, and repair are caused by failure to observe basic safety rules or precautions. An accident can often be avoided by recognizing potentially hazardous situations before an accident occurs. A person must be alert to potential hazards. This person should also have the necessary training, skills, and tools to perform these functions properly.

Improper operation, lubrication, maintenance, or repair of this product can be dangerous and could result in injury or death.

Do not operate or perform any lubrication, maintenance, or repair on this product until you have read and understood the Tool Operating Manual.

Safety precautions and warnings are provided in this manual and on the product. If these hazard warnings are not heeded, bodily injury or death could occur to you or to other persons.

The hazards are identified by the "Safety Alert Symbol" and followed by a "Signal Word" such as "DANGER", "WARNING", or "CAUTION". The Safety Alert "WARNING" label is shown below.

A non-exhaustive list of operations that may cause product damage are identified by "NOTICE" labels on the product and in this publication.

Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. The warnings in this publication and on the product are, therefore, not all inclusive. If a tool, procedure, work method, or operating technique that is not recommended by Caterpillar is used, the operator must be sure that the procedures are safe. The operator must also be sure that the product will not be damaged or made unsafe by any unspecified procedures.

The information, specifications, and illustrations in this publication are based on information that was available at the time that the publication was written. The specifications, torques, pressures, measurements, adjustments, illustrations, and other items can change at any time. These changes can affect the service that is given to the product. Obtain the complete and most current information before you start any job.

When replacement parts are required for this product Caterpillar recommends using Caterpillar replacement parts or parts with equivalent specifications including, but not limited to, physical dimensions, type, strength, and material.

Literature Information

This manual contains safety information, operation instructions and maintenance information and should be stored with the tool group

Some photographs or illustrations in this publication may show details that can be different from your service tool. Guards and covers might have been removed for illustrative purposes.

Continuing improvement and advancement of product design might have caused changes to your service tool, which are not included in this publication.

Whenever a question arises regarding your service tool or this publication, consult Dealer Service Tools (DST) for the latest available information.

Safety Section

The Safety Section lists basic safety precautions.

Read and understand the basic precautions listed in the Safety section before operating or performing maintenance and repair on this service tool.

General Information Section

The General Information Section describes tooling functions and features. The section provides useful information on individual parts, additional tooling, and resources.

Operation Section

The Operation Section is a reference for the new operator and a refresher for the experienced operator.

Photographs and illustrations guide the operator through correct procedures for using the tool group.

Operating techniques outlined in this publication are basic. Skill and techniques develop as the operator gains knowledge of the service tool and the tools capabilities.

Maintenance Section

The Maintenance Section is a guide to tool inspection, cleaning, storage, and tool disposal.

Service Parts Section

The Service Parts Section is a reference for parts identification and available part numbers.

Safety Icon Nomenclature

Personal Protection/Important Information

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Personal Protection/Important Information

Prohibited Action

No Smoking

Hazard Avoidance

Crushing Hazard (foot)

Crushing Hazard (hand)

Pinch Point

Fire Hazard

Electrical Shock - Hazard

Fire Hazard

Safety Section

------ WARNING! ------



------ WARNING! ------

To avoid injury do not stand on or between implement and machine while operating lift control.


Additional Contact Information

For additional product support questions concerning this tool, contact the Dealer Service Tools Hotline at:

USA: 1-800-542-8665, Option 1

International: 1-309-578-7372

General Information

Illustration 3g03772908


The 464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly is designed to lift AMOC (Advanced Modular Cooling) and Aluminum Modular Radiators (AMR) style radiator cores for removal, service, and installation. It is used with a suitable overhead lifting device on any vehicle using AMOC / AMR radiator cores.

Note: Refer to the appropriate Disassembly and Assembly Manual for mounting and lifting hardware and correct location of the lifting point.


Illustration 4g03773033

Table 1
464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly    
Item     Description     Specification    
A     Approximate Height     136 mm (5.3 in)    
B     Approximate Length     172 mm (6.7 in)    
C     Approximate Width     114 mm (4.5 in)    
--     Approximate Weight     1.3 kg (2.8 lbs)    
--     Working Load Limit     45.4 kg (100 lbs)    


Illustration 5g03773099

Table 2
464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly    
Item     Description     Specification    
1     Lifting Bracket Assembly     1    
2     Base Plate     1    
3     Ball (handle)     1    
3a     Thumbscrew     2    
3b     Spring Pin     2    
4     Locking Plate     2    
4a     Spring     4    
5     Hinge Rod     2    
5a     Push Nut     4    

Operation Section


  1. Inspect 464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly (1) before each use. Do not use any tool that is damaged, altered, or in poor condition.

    Note: For more information on specific AMOC/AMR Radiator Core disassembly and assembly, refer to the appropriate manual for the vehicle being serviced.

    Illustration 6g03773110

  1. If necessary, disassemble cooling system components such as cover, top tank, core support brackets, and/or hoses, to expose the top of AMOC/AMR Radiator Core (7) .


    Care must be taken to ensure that fluids are contained during radiator core service. Be prepared to collect coolant in a suitable container. Store and dispose of all fluids according to local, State, and Federal regulations and mandates.

    Illustration 7g03773393

  1. On lifting bracket assembly (1), loosen (turn counterclockwise) thumbscrews (3a) and push down on bail (3) to allow locking plates (4) to spring outward at the bottom.

  1. Attach the lifting bracket assembly to the radiator core.

      Illustration 8g03773900

    1. Position lifting bracket assembly (1) on top of radiator core (7) with base plate (2) center hole over core protrusion and locking plates (4) extending down the front and rear of the radiator core.

    1. Pull up on bail (3) to push the curved lip on the bottom of each locking plate (4) inward, under edge of radiator core (7) top plate.

      Illustration 9g03786866

    1. Tighten (turn clockwise) thumbscrews (3a) just enough to secure locking plates (4) against radiator core (7).


    To avoid damage to tooling and/or radiator cores, only tighten thumbscrews enough to secure lock plate to radiator core.

    Illustration 10g03786881

  1. Attach a suitable overhead lifting device (8) to bail (3) and raise tooling with radiator core (7) attached.

    Note: For more information on removing or installing AMOC / AMR radiator cores, refer to the appropriate disassembly and assembly manual.

    Illustration 11g03786898

  1. Remove the AMOC / AMR radiator core. Follow all appropriate disassembly and assembly manual procedures for service of the radiator core.

  1. Remove the lifting bracket assembly from the radiator core.

      Note: Make sure that the radiator core is stable (positioned in a fixture, blocked on a work surface, or installed in a machine) before removing the lifting bracket assembly.

      Illustration 12g03787227

    1. Lower overhead lifting device (8) to remove all load on bail (3).

    1. Remove overhead lifting device (8).

      Illustration 13g03787263

    1. Loosen (turn counterclockwise) thumbscrews (3a) and push down on bail (3) to allow locking plates (4) to spring outward at the bottom.

      Illustration 14g03787293

    1. Carefully raise lifting bracket assembly (1) up and off of AMOC / AMR radiator core (7).

Inspection and Maintenance Section


Inspect prior to each use for nicks, burrs, dents, cracks, bends, or worn parts. If damage is found, discontinue use until inspected and released for use by an approved inspector at the dealership.

  1. Have tools inspected annually by an approved dealership inspector. Maintain a written record of all inspections.

    Illustration 15g03787310

  1. Make sure thumbscrews (3a) operate freely. Lightly lubricate threads with Cat 222-3123 Light Penetrating and Lubricating Oil.

  1. Make sure bail spring pins (3b) are not broken, bent, or damaged. Replace as required.

  1. Make sure locking plates (4) pivot freely. Lightly lubricate pivot points with Cat 222-3123 Light Penetrating and Lubricating Oil..

  1. Make sure locking plate springs (4a) are not broken, bent, or damaged. Replace as required.

  1. Make sure push nuts (5a) are not damaged or missing. Replace as required.

    Illustration 16g03787322

  1. Do not use unless all load identification markings are legible.

Service Parts

Illustration 17g03787368

Table 3
464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly Service Parts    
Item     Part No.     Description     Qty.    
3a     90128A947*     Thumbscrew     2    
3b     4H-3119     Spring Pin     2    
4a     9271K585*     Spring     4    
5a     94803A030*     Push Nut     4    

(*) Available from McMaster-Carr


Clean the tooling after each use, using a non-solvent based cleaner.


  1. Store the tooling in a clean, dry location to prevent rust or corrosion. Tooling can be damaged by moisture or high humidity.

  1. The tool should be stored in the most stable position.

Tool Disposal

At the end of the operational life of the tool, destroy the tool and dispose of as scrap.

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