2009/08/17 Caterpillar

A New Hose Assembly for the Coolant Outlet from the Turbocharger Is Used on Some 3508B and 3512B Engines {1355, 1380, 1393}

3508B (S/N: 7SM1-UP; 5PS1-UP; 1TW1-UP)
3512B (S/N: 2AF1-UP; PWG1-UP; 2GW1-UP; 3ZW1-UP; 2EZ1-UP)

Description of Change: The new hose assembly for the coolant outlet from the turbocharger has an improved orientation in order to eliminate possible contact with the turbocharger housings or other engine components.

Adaptable To: The new 341-8890 Hose As is a direct replacement for the existing 188-5140 Hose As on the serial numbers that are listed above.

Illustration 1g01951601

Routing of the old hose assembly

(1) 188-5140 Hose As

Illustration 2g01951581

Routing of the new hose assembly

(2) 341-8890 Hose As

This change is effective for the serial numbers that are listed in Table 1.

Table 1
Effective Serial Numbers    

Caterpillar Information System:

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