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Remote Status Panel



Illustration 1g01008783

The Remote Status Panel allows the user to monitor various functions through use of eight status lights.

The Alarm Settings and The Status Settings

Note: These settings have been predefined.

Table 1
Alarm Indicator or Status Indicator     Color of LED    
"Bypass Unavailable"     Amber    
"UPS Notice"     Amber    
"On-bypass"     Amber    
"Discharging"     Amber    
"Overload"     Red    
"Low DC Voltage (to panel)"     Red    
"UPS Alarm"     Red    
"Off-line"     Red    

Connecting to the UPS

------ WARNING! ------

When servicing or repairing electric power generation equipment:

Make sure the unit is off-line (disconnected from utility and/or other generators power service), and either locked out or tagged DO NOT OPERATE. Remove all fuses.



Wear a well grounded wrist strap and perform work in a static free environment. Electrostatic discharge can damage the monitor and components.

Note: The system must be at a dead stop. There should be no power that is available.

The system is designed for flush mounting or surface mounting in a panel box. The system uses 18 AWG or larger wire. The wire will consist of 3 conductors. The wire consists of a data conductor, a ground conductor, and a power conductor. There are 14 screw connections on the back of the status panel that are labelled. Refer to Table 2.

Table 2
Connections (Remote Status Panel)     Connections (System Input/Output Daughter board) (J5)    
Terminal 1 "+24 VDC"     Connection 1 (25)    
Terminal 2 "Serial data in"     Connection 5 (27)    
Terminal 3 "Spare"        
Terminal 4 "Spare"        
Terminal 5 "Spare"        
Terminal 6 "Jumper to 7"        
Terminal 7 "Ground"     Connection 3 (26)    
Terminal 8 "Spare"        
Terminal 9 "Jumper to 6"        
Terminal 10 "Spare"        
Terminal 11 "Spare"        
Terminal 12 "Lamp test (1)"        
Terminal 13 "Horn silence (1)"        
Terminal 14 "Horn output (1)"        

The following steps will aid in the process of connecting a Remote Status Panel.

  1. Verify the location and the condition of the wiring connections at the back of Remote Status Panel.

    Illustration 2g01157433

    Illustration 3g01011380

    Connector "J5"

  1. Route the wires from the remote status panel to the locations on the output connector "J5" (21) on the System Input/Output Daughter board.

    Refer to Illustration 3 for the locations on the output connector "J5" for the System Input/Output Daughter board.

    The installation of the Remote Status Panel is complete.

    Table 3
    "J5" Wire Connections    
    Connection 1 (25)     "+24 VDC"    
    Connection 3 (26)     "GND" (Ground)    
    Connection 5 (27)     "Data"    

  1. Return your system to operational status.

  1. Once you see the telemetry data on the User Interface Panel, establish your connection by using UPS View.

  1. Continue to "Enabling the Option with UPS View".

Enabling the Option with UPS View

    Note: A special password is required in order to enable the option.

  1. Contact Service Support for a Password.

    Illustration 4g01011838

  1. Click on the "Enter Password" option.

    Illustration 5g00787622

  1. Enter your authorized username and a password.

    The top menu option in UPS View will change. Then, the top menu option will display the "Op. Params" option.

    Illustration 6g01008806

  1. Click on the "Op. Params" option.

    A drop-down menu appears. Refer to Illustration 6.

  1. Click on "Op. Group 5: Internal CAN Enable".

    Another menu opens.

  1. Select the Option for "Remote Status Enable".

    A small window will open.

  1. Enter 1 and click on the "Send" button.

    Your system is ready for operation.


Table 4
Remote Status Panel
Description     Value    
Input Voltage    
Input voltage to panel     15 to 45 VDC    
Power requirements     6 watts maximum    
Physical Dimensions    
270 mm (10.62 inch)    
86 mm (3.37 inch)    
86 mm (3.37 inch)    
1.14 kg (2.5 lb)    
Distance from UPS     less than
305 m (1000 ft)    
Environmental Specifications    
Horn (Output)     80 dB(A)
Temperature range    
-40 °C (-40 °F) to
70 °C (158 °F)    
Humidity     0 to 100% relative humidity    
Emissions and Immunity     IEC 801-2
IEC 801-3
IEC 801-4
EN 5082-2
89/392/EEC Certification (EEC)    

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