3126B Marine Engines Caterpillar

Electrical Connectors and Functions


3126B 3GS

Table 1
Connector     Function    
J1/P1     Electronic Control Module (ECM)    
J2/P2     Electronic Control Module (ECM)    
J42     Customer Supplied Service Tool Connector    
J60     Service Tool Connector    
P61/J61     Customer Connector    
J67/P67     Termination Resistor    
J68/P68     Tee Connector    
J100/P100     Coolant Temperature Sensor    
J101/P101     Engine Oil Temperature Sensor (Commercial Rating Only)    
J103/P103     Inlet Manifold Air Temperature Sensor    
J105/P105     Fuel Temperature Sensor (Optional)    
J137A/P137A     Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor (Optional)    
J200/P200     Intake Manifold (Boost) Pressure Sensor    
J201/P201     Engine Oil Pressure Sensor    
J204/P204     Injection Actuation Pressure Sensor    
J209/P209     Fuel Pressure Sensor (Optional)    
J212A/P212A     Transmission Oil Pressure Sensor (Optional)    
J300/P300     Injector Solenoid Harness Connector    
J301/P301     Number 1 Injector Solenoid    
J302/P302     Number 2 Injector Solenoid    
J303/P303     Number 3 Injector Solenoid    
J304/P304     Number 4 Injector Solenoid    
J305/P305     Number 5 Injector Solenoid    
J306/P306     Number 6 Injector Solenoid    
P400     Timing Calibration Probe    
J401/P401     Primary Engine Speed/Timing Sensor (Top)    
J402/P402     Secondary Engine Speed/Timing Sensor (Bottom)    
J403     Primary Throttle Position Sensor    
J500/P500     Injection Actuation Pressure Control Valve    
J501/P501     Air Inlet Heater Relay    
J515/P515     Starter Motor Magnetic Switch    
J800/P800     Coolant Level Sensor    

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