3114, 3116 and 3126 MUI Engine Governors Caterpillar

Governor Identification - Introduction


322B L 1AS

This service manual contains instructions for servicing the 3114, 3116, and 3126 Engine Governors on the 1U-7326 Governor Calibration Bench. The final low idle speed may be adjusted with the governor on the engine. All other adjustments must be performed on this calibration bench.

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Typical governor information plate

Governor information plate (1) is located on top of the governor. The information plate provides the following information:

  • Serial Number and Type Code

  • Group Part Number

  • Production Codes

The information on governor information plate (1) and the physical appearance of the governor is used to identify the governor. The type code follows the serial number. There are seven different types of governors for the 3114, 3116, and 3126 Engines. The following information will aid in the proper identification of each of the seven types of governors.

Table 1
Governor Identification Chart    
Governor Type     Type Code     Throttle Lever     Components    
Type I     "A"     Type I        
Type II     "B"     Type I     No Servo, 4 Flyweight's    
Type III     "C"     Type I or II        
Type IV     "A", "0", "1"     Type II        
Type V     "D"     Type II     Cast FRC Housing    
Type VI (1)     "D"     Type II     Dual Horsepower    
Type VII (1)     "D"     Type II     Dual Horsepower    
( 1 ) Both Type VI and Type VII Governors are variations of the Type V Governor.
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