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Sampling Interval and Location of Sampling Valve



Information for equipment:

Take the oil samples as close as possible to the standard intervals. In order to receive the full value from S·O·S oil analysis, you must establish a consistent trend of data. In order to establish a pertinent history of data, perform consistent oil samplings that are evenly spaced.

Illustration 1g00410099

Sampling Port for the Engine Oil

Illustration 2g00410098

Sampling Port for the Hydraulic Oil

Illustration 3g00402618

Sampling Port for the Hydrostatic Drive Oil

Illustration 4g00393646

Sampling Port for the Differential and Final Drive Oil

Table 1
Compartment     Recommended Oil Change Interval     Recommended Sampling Interval     Sampling Valve     Oil Type    
Engine     500 Hours     250 Hours     Yes     DEO    
Hydraulics     1000 Hours     500 Hours     Yes     HYDO    
Hydrostatic Drive Box     2000 Hours     500 Hours     No     TDTO    
Differential and Final Drive     2000 Hours     500 Hours     No     TDTO    

Consult your Caterpillar dealer for complete information and assistance in establishing an S·O·S program for your equipment.

More Frequent S·O·S Sampling Improves Life Cycle Management

Traditionally, the suggested S·O·S sampling intervals have been at each oil change, 250 hours for engines, or every 500 hours for all other compartments. However, a sampling interval of 250 hours for all compartments is recommended.


Studies have revealed, that in some high load applications and high temperature applications, 500 hours between oil samples is too long a time interval to predict potential failure modes. A 250 hour sampling interval provides more data points between oil change intervals thus increasing the odds for detecting a potential failure.

Determining Optimal Oil Change Intervals

Sampling compartments every 250 hours also provides oil condition/performance information to ascertain the optimal utility of a particular oil. Also, more data points enable close monitoring of component wear rates while obtaining maximum lubrication utility. For detailed information on extending oil change intervals, please contact your Caterpillar dealer.

Optimizing Component Life Cycle

An increased sampling frequency also provides better defined data trends from one oil change interval to the next. This enables close monitoring of component life cycle wear patterns to assure full component life cycle is realized.

In summary, the standard S·O·S oil sampling interval for all engines remains at 250 hours. While 500 hour oil sample intervals remain acceptable for non-engine compartments, they are not necessarily optimal. Under the above conditions, 250 hour oil sampling intervals are recommended.

Caterpillar Information System:

3054 Engine Cooling System
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Air Conditioning and Heating Air Conditioning System
572R Pipelayer Transmission
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Air Conditioning and Heating Heater System (Cab)
3306C Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines Turbocharger
120H, 12H, 135H, 140H, 143H, 14H, 160H, 163H and 16H Motor Graders Caterpillar Monitoring System Odometer Mode
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Air Conditioning and Heating Refrigerant Expansion Valve
Caterpillar Monitoring System Service Meter Mode
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Air Conditioning and Heating Manifold Gauge Set (Refrigerant) - Remove
950G Wheel Loader, 962G Wheel Loader and IT62G Integrated Toolcarrier Steering System Piston Pump (Steering)
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Air Conditioning and Heating Required Tools
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Air Conditioning and Heating Accumulator (Air Conditioner)
Caterpillar Monitoring System Numeric Readout Mode
3054 Engine Lubrication System
583R Pipelayer Power Train Final Drive
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Accelerator Control
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Alert Indicators
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Warning Signs and Labels
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Crushing Prevention and Cutting Prevention
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Before Starting Engine
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Sound Information and Vibration Information
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Steering Frame Lock
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Battery Disconnect Switch - If Equipped
IT14G Integrated Toolcarrier Engine Start Switch
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