584 and 584HD Forwarders Caterpillar

Oil Filter - Inspect


584HD 109

Inspect a Used Filter for Debris

Illustration 1g00100013
The element is shown with debris.

Use a filter cutter to cut the filter element open. Spread apart the pleats and inspect the element for metal and for other debris. An excessive amount of debris in the filter element can indicate a possible failure.

If metals are found in the filter element, a magnet can be used to differentiate between ferrous metals and nonferrous metals.

Ferrous metals can indicate wear on steel parts and on cast iron parts.

Nonferrous metals can indicate wear on the aluminum parts of the engine such as main bearings, rod bearings, or turbocharger bearings.

Small amounts of debris may be found in the filter element. This could be caused by friction and by normal wear. Consult your Caterpillar dealer in order to arrange for further analysis if an excessive amount of debris is found.

Using an oil filter element that is not recommended by Caterpillar can result in severe engine damage to engine bearings, to the crankshaft, and to other parts. This can result in larger particles in unfiltered oil. The particles could enter the lubricating system and the particles could cause damage.

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